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Over the past 20 years, landscape irrigation has evolved from a luxury to a necessity and for many good reasons.

During this time, every region of the United States has had to learn the harsh realities of drought conditions. As a result, the more progressive state agencies and water districts are doing as much as possible to plan for the inevitable, and doing so requires the input of irrigation professionals. Owners and operators of virtually any facility that must maintain its grounds seek solutions to preserve turf aesthetics and performance in the face of unforeseen but routine challenges that Mother Nature brings our way. And as residential water use restrictions become increasingly common, the public at large is realizing that water is not to be taken for granted.

We care about our environment, our landscape and your investment!
Automatic irrigation systems are convenient, especially for those who travel. If installed and programmed properly, automatic irrigation systems can save you money and help in water conservation. Dead lawn grass and plants need to be replaced, and that can be expensive. But the savings from automatic irrigation systems can go beyond that.

Watering with a hose or with an oscillator wastes water. Neither method targets plant roots with any significant degree of precision. Automatic irrigation systems can be programmed to discharge more precise amounts of water in a targeted area, which is efficient and promotes water conservation while keeping your landscape vibrant and healthy.
Irrigation systems are an investment that provides long term benefits for you, your landscape and our environment.


Because we care we do our part to promote and provide the services.
Although we do not directly install irrigation systems we do feel strongly enough that they play a significant role in the health of your landscape and turf as well as our environment.
For this reason we have sought out trade partners that we can coordinate with to provide the following services for GreenPro customers:
bullet Irrigation repair & service for all brands any system
bullet Irrigation design
bullet Irrigation installation
bullet System Spring start-ups / Winter closings


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